Data East Pinball Power Supply Capacitor Rebuild Kit for 520-5000-00

Data East Pinball Power Supply Capacitor Rebuild Kit for 520-5000-00

  • $17.00

This kit contains capacitors to rebuild your Data East 520-5000-00 power supply board.  We only use high-quality Nichion, Panasonic, Illinois, Vishay, and SC new stock capacitors to ensure longevity and proper function of your game; these are not "new old stock" or cheaper off-brand capacitors brands like some other vendors use.  Caps which are no longer available commercially are specially ordered and manufactured to be used in our products on eBay and elsewhere.

Our commitment to quality, reasonable price, and customer service apparently upsets our competition; don't be misled or settle for less than the best!  :)

**Please note: Make sure the part number of your power supply corresponds with this kit (520-5000-00).**

The colors of the capacitors may change as we restock, but they will always be the aforementioned fresh, brand name parts.  This kit contains the below capacitors.  Please note that higher voltage caps may be provided than listed.

1 - 18,000uf/25v axial (C4)

1 - 47uf/100v radial (C3)

1 - 330uf/50v radial (C7)

1 - 150uf/100v axial (C8)

2 - 100uf/250v axial (C10, C11)

1 - 1,000uf/25v radial (C1)

1 - 100uf/50v radial (C2)


This kit generally works with the following games (see our aforementioned note in red!):

Secret Service, Back to the Future, Laser War, Monday Night Football, Phantom of the Opera, Playboy, Robocop, The Simpsons, Time Machine, Torpedo Alley

As always, if you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to ask.  Need a kit you don't see?  Let us know and we can probably make one up for you!  Thanks for looking.