Pinball Power Supply Rebuild Repair Capacitor Kit Bally Williams System 7-11A

Pinball Power Supply Rebuild Repair Capacitor Kit Bally Williams System 7-11A

  • $15.00

Williams system 7-11A pinball power supply rebuild repair kit.  This kit comes with all the capacitors you need to rebuild your Williams System 7, 11, or 11A power supply.  

We only use high-quality Nichion, Panasonic, and SC new stock capacitors to ensure longevity and proper function of your game; these are not "new old stock" or cheaper “off-brand” capacitor brands like some other vendors use.  Caps which are no longer available commercially are specially ordered and manufactured to be used in our products on ebay and elsewhere.

Our commitment to quality, reasonable price, and customer service apparently upsets our competition; don't be misled or settle for less than the best!  :)

The color/brand of each capacitor might change from the picture as we restock, but they will always be the aforementioned fresh, quality, brand name parts.

Capacitors included are:

*All capacitors in this kit are the more robust, "high temp" 105 degree Celsius rated type*

2 - 100uf/160v axial for C1 and C3

1 - 100uf/100v axial for C5 (not present on some boards)

1 - 100uf/35v radial for C7

1 - 47uf/100v radial for C8

1 - 1,000uf/25v axial for C9  (some boards use a radial, if so, use below radial cap)

1 - 1,000uf/25v radial for C9 (not pictured - some boards use an axial, if so, use above axial cap)

1 - 18,000uf/25v axial for C10

1 - 330uf/16v radial for C12

3 - zip ties to secure the large cap at C10

**In some cases we will provide a higher voltage rating capacitor to replace one of your existing capacitors; as long as the voltage is equal to or greater than the original's voltage rating, it's fine to use.  Questions are always welcome.** 

This kit will work for the following games:

Black Knight, Jungle Lord, Pharaoh, Solar Fire, Barracora, Hyperball, Cosmic Gunfight, Varkon, Warlok, Defender, Time Fantasy, Joust, Firepower II, Laser Cue, Star Light, Space Shuttle, Strike Zone (shuffle alley), Sorcerer, Comet, High Speed, Alley Cats, Grand Lizard, Road Kings, Pinbot, Tic Tac Strike (shuffle alley), Millionaire, F-14 Tomcat, Fire!, Big Guns

Any questions, please ask!  We also offer basic repair and soldering services in the Westchester County, NY area.  Thanks for looking.