3 Pin Molex Connector Kit, 3 Sets, 14-20 AWG .093 Pins Arcade Pinball

  • $9.50

Commonly used on many arcade and pinball machines (as well as many other applications), this kit contains 3 (three) sets of 3-pin .093" size connectors and their corresponding pins.  These connectors are also shaped so they cannot be plugged in backwards.  

We use only brand name, high quality Molex branded connector housings, pins, and headers.

This kit includes:

3 - .093 male 3-pin connectors

3 - .093 female 3-pin connectors

11 - .093 male crimp pins

11 - .093 female crimp pins

Please note that you will need a crimp tool to use these pins and connectors!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking.