4 Pin 2.36mm Monitor Yoke Connector Repair Rebuild Kit for Arcade Monitor CRT

  • $12.00

Used on arcade and other CRT monitors/TV's, kit replaces the 4 pin yoke connector, header, and pins.
This kit includes one 4 pin header for the monitor chassis, one 4 pin connector for the monitor yoke connection, and 6 female pins for said connector (in case you make a mis-crimp).  These connectors feature offset pins just like the originals so they cannot be plugged in backwards.  

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This kit includes:

1 - 2.36mm female 4-pin connector

1 - 2.36mm male 4-pin header

6 - 2.36mm female crimp pin

Please note that you will need a crimp tool to use these pins and connectors!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking.