Arcade Pinball Connector Molex Repair Starter Kit .156 inch (3.96mm)

  • $25.00

Arcade Pinball Connector .156 Molex Repair Kit - WPC System Bally Williams


A great all-around kit to have for arcade and pinball connector repair. An easy one-stop shop for some of the most common connectors you’ll face, especially in pinball machines (usually power and general illumination connectors) using .156 molex style connectors.

We use only brand name, high quality Molex branded connector housings, pins, and headers; no cheap "off brand" parts to save a few cents.

Our commitment to quality, reasonable price, and customer service apparently upsets our competition; don't be misled or settle for less than the best!  :)

This kit includes 3 of each .156 connector ranging from 2-pin to 12-pin with all sizes in between. Also included are 48 heat-resistant header pins (in 24-pin “clip to size” strips), and 48 trifurcon crimp pins, both in size .156.  Comes in a handy-dandy hard case.  (Please note that as stock changes you might receive a different color/shape case than pictured.)

Please note that you will need a crimp tool to use these pins and connectors!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking.