Arcade Pinball Fuse Variety Assortment Kit - 54 Fuses Total - Bussmann Littelfuse

  • $52.00

Cooper Bussmann/Littelfuse - Arcade Pinball Fuse Assortment Kit

Contains an assortment of eighteen (18) of the most commonly needed fuses for arcade and pinball machines; nine (9) values of MDL or "slo blo" fuses and nine (9) values of AGC or "fast/normal blow" fuses.  Kit comes in a handy plastic organizer box with each section labeled as to what fuse it contains.  A good kit to have on hand if you own a few games (or even one).  All fuses are genuine, quality, brand-name Cooper Bussmann or Littelfuse brand; no cheap, Chinese "solder blob" fuses here.  If this kit doesn't contain a particular fuse value you are looking for, drop us a line before ordering and we can most likely make a substitution for you depending on stock. 

Fuses contained in this kit are as follows:

3 - 1 amp slo blo (250v) 
3 - 1.5 amp slo blo (250v)
 - 2 amp slo blo (250v)
 - 2.5 amp slo blo (250v) 
- 3 amp slo blo (250v) 
3 - 4 amp slo blo (250v) 
3 - 5 amp slo blo (250v)
3 - 7 amp slo blo (250v)
3 - 8 amp slo blo (250v)

3 - 3/8 amp fast/normal blow (250v)
3 - 1/2 amp fast/normal blow (250v)
3 - 3/4 amp fast/normal blow (250v)
3 - 1 amp fast/normal blow (250v)
3 - 4 amp fast/normal blow (250v)
3 - 5 amp fast/normal blow (250v)
3 - 8 amp fast/normal blow (250v)
3 - 10 amp fast/normal blow (32v)
3 - 20 amp fast/normal blow (32v)

**Note - Be wary of the cheap Chinese fuses sold by some other vendors. These are easily recognizable by the "solder blob" in the middle of the conductor inside the fuse.  These fuses usually either fail prematurely or, even worse, don't blow when they should (thereby, potentially damaging your equipment and/or causing a fire hazard)!  Don't skimp on fuses

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If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.  Don't see a fuse kit for your game?  Just ask us and we can put one together for you.  Thanks for looking.  

**To answer a question we get a lot, it is fine to use a fuse that is a higher voltage than what is called for (but never a lower voltage!).  With this said, a 250v fuse is fine to use in place of a 32v fuse as long as the amperage rating is the same.**