Power Supply Capacitor Rebuild Kit for Williams System 3-6 Pinball w/ Diodes

  • $14.00

This kit contains the capacitors, as well as four diodes, needed to rebuild your Williams pinball system 3-6 power supply.  We only use high-quality Nichion, Panasonic, and SC new stock capacitors to ensure longevity and proper function of your game; these are not "new old stock" or cheaper “off-brand” capacitors brands like some other vendors use.  Caps which are no longer available commercially are specially ordered and manufactured to be used in our products on ebay and elsewhere.

Our commitment to quality, reasonable price, and customer service apparently upsets our competition; don't be misled or settle for less than the best!  :)

The color of the capacitors might change as we restock, but they will always be the same aforementioned, fresh, brand name parts.  


This kit works with power supplies in the following pinball machines:

System 3: Hot Tip, Lucky Seven, World Cup, Contact and Disco Fever 

System 4: Phoenix, Pokerino, Flash and Stellar Wars

System 6: Tri-Zone, Time Warp, Laser Ball, Gorgar, Firepower, Blackout, Scorpion, Alien Poker and Algar

*All capacitors in this kit are the more robust, "high temp" 105 degree Celsius rated type*


(2) each 100uf/160V axial caps for C7 & C11

(1) each 100uf/100V axial cap for C13

(1) each 12,000uf/35V axial cap for C15

(2) each 1N4007 diodes (to replace existing 1N4001's) for D3 and D4

(2) each MR501 diodes (to replace existing MR500's) for D7 and D8

**We also sell this kit without the diodes**